Super Fine Switches

Super Fine products are certified by ISI Mark of quality and Super Fine is a ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Super Fine as a brand is over 15 years old with a significant amount of time spent on gathering precise customer requirements, product designing and certifications. Super Fine currently provides multiple products over varied categories such as modular switches, regulators, sockets in addition to protection devices and accessories.

Super Fine products are heavily used in homes and offices. Super Fine provides the best quality premium products at the most competitive rates. This has made Super Fine the preferred choice of its customers. Customer loyalty for the brand has been close to 100 percent for over past five years. Our customers’ confidence in Super Fine products and services greatly motivates us to do things bigger and better.

It is our vision to develop Super Fine as a world class brand which positions itself as the best quality Indian option to International brands in this category. We have greatly focused on innovation right from our early days to achieve our vision.